Honda StepWGN (RP) 2015-2022 (RH Japanese market) Body Repair Manual

Honda StepWGN (RP) 2015-2022 Body Repair Manual

Honda StepWGN Spada RP 2015-2022 Body Repair Manual

Body dimensions are used to restore the body geometry of the Honda StepWGN (RP1-4) for the 2015-2022 model years. With the help of this data, a check of the body geometry is performed for both 2WD and 4WD versions, followed by straightening the damaged parts of the right-hand drive Honda StepWGN vehicles for the Japanese market (including the Honda StepWGN Spada RP).

It provides precise body dimensions, control points, and geometric measurements that are crucial for ensuring the proper alignment and geometry of the vehicle's body. Additionally, the manual offers valuable insights into the materials used in the construction of the body and provides recommendations for appropriate welding methods, materials, and locations. It also provides guidance on applying sealants, sound insulation, and anti-corrosion coatings at specific areas of the body.

The manual may also provide recommendations for welding methods, materials, and locations, as well as guidelines for applying seam sealer, soundproofing materials, and anti-corrosion coatings. It may contain information about interior materials, their types, and decoding information as well.

Overall, the Honda StepWGN (RP) 2015-2022 Body Repair Manual,spanning over 151 pages in Japanese, is an indispensable resource for body repair technicians and individuals involved in the repair and restoration of Honda StepWGN. It contains a wealth of useful and necessary information to ensure precise and reliable body repairs in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

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Honda StepWGN (RP) 2015-2022 (RH Japanese market) Body Repair Manual

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Honda StepWGN (RP) 2015-2022 (RH Japanese market)

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