Honda Elysion (RR) 2004-2012 (RH Japanese market) Body dimensions

Honda Elysion (RR) 2004-2012 Body dimensions

Body dimensions for restoring the body geometry of Honda Elysion (RR) 2004-2012 are used to verify the body geometry and facilitate the subsequent repair of damaged parts. These measurements are specifically applicable to the right-hand drive versions of Honda Elysion for the Japanese market.

A selection of information is available from vehicle measurement database in Japanese for the Honda Elysion 2004-2012 with right-hand drive, including body dimensions and control points (chassis diagrams, upper body datasheet, underbody datasheet).

Upperbody dimensions include pillar widths for inside passenger compartment, door, windshield and rear window. Choice of Edge-of-hole or center-of-hole dimensions, widths measured from centerline and individual datum lengths for underbody information, diagonal measurements, deck lid measurements for more extensive and complete collision repairs.

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Honda Elysion (RR) 2004-2012 (RH Japanese market) Body dimensions

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Honda Elysion (RR) 2004-2012 (RH Japanese market)

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