Mazda Familia Van 2017-2018 (RH Japanese market) Body Repair Manual

Mazda Familia Van 2017-2018 Body Repair Manual

The factory manuals contain body dimensions for the Mazda Familia Van 2017-2018, including descriptions for replacing components, body dimensions, and control points for the body geometry of the Mazda Familia Van (right-hand drive) for the Japanese market.

The information provided includes body dimensions, control points, sectional images of body components, materials used, recommendations for welding types, methods, materials, and locations, areas and materials for applying seam sealants, soundproofing, and anti-corrosion coatings, cutting areas and directions for installing new components, interior material types, and their designations and decoding.

The Mazda Familia Van 2017-2018 BodyShop Manual, available in Japanese, contains 56 pages of essential and necessary information for technicians who are checking the body geometry after accidents and wish to restore the bodies of Mazda Familia Van according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

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Mazda Familia Van 2017-2018 (RH Japanese market) Body Repair Manual

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