Nissan Leopard (F31) 1986-1992 (RH Japanese market) Body dimensions

Nissan Leopard (F31) 1986-1992 Body dimensions

Body dimensions are used to restore the body geometry of Nissan Leopard (F31) vehicles from 1986 to 1992. These measurements allow for the verification of the body's geometry and subsequent repair of damaged parts for the right-hand drive Nissan Leopard models intended for the Japanese market.

The provided data consists of a selection of body dimensions sourced from measuring equipment and factory documentation specific to the Nissan Leopard 1986-1992 Body dimensions. These dimensions and control points are written in Japanese and serve as a reference for the body's geometry.

By utilizing these body dimensions, technicians can assess the vehicle's structural alignment and perform necessary repairs to restore damaged sections of the Nissan Leopard (F31) 1986-1992. This ensures that the vehicle meets the original specifications and safety standards.

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Nissan Leopard (F31) 1986-1992 (RH Japanese market) Body dimensions

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Nissan Leopard (F31) 1986-1992

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