Subaru Forester (SF) 1998-2002 Body dimensions

Subaru Forester (SF) 1998-2002 Body dimensions

Body dimensions for restoring the body geometry of Subaru Forester (SF) 1998-2002. With the help of this information, you can check the geometry of the damaged body, as well as carry out restoration work on the straightening of cars.

Selection from factory documentation and vehicle measurement database for Subaru Forester (SF) 1998-2002: body dimensions and geometry measurement points (chassis diagrams, upper body datasheet, underbody datasheet).

One of the essential features of the manual is its focus on body dimensions and control points. It provides precise measurements for key body components, allowing technicians to assess and restore the vehicle's geometry accurately. The control points serve as reference points for evaluating the alignment and structural integrity of the vehicle's body, ensuring that repairs are carried out to the highest standards.

Upperbody dimensions include pillar widths for inside passenger compartment, door, windshield and rear window. Choice of Edge-of-hole or center-of-hole dimensions, widths measured from centerline and individual datum lengths for underbody information, diagonal measurements, deck lid measurements for more extensive and complete collision repairs.

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Subaru Forester (SF) 1998-2002 Body dimensions

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