Ford Taurus 2016-2019 Body Workshop Manual

Ford Taurus 2016-2019 Body Repair Manual

The factory body repair manual contains body dimensions for the Ford Taurus 2016-2019 and includes description of various body parts replacement, body dimension, control points for the Ford Police Interceptor Sedan.

Information for the Ford Taurus 2016-2019 body geometric dimensions, control points, images of body elements, materials used, recommendations on applicable types, methods and materials for the welding points; places and materials for applying seam, soundproof and anti-corrosion sealants; points and directions for pre-cuts of body parts for the future installation of the new ones; types of interior materials, definitions and decoding.

Ford Police Interceptor 2016-2019 Body Repair Manual 80 pages in English. This collection contains a huge amount of extremely useful and necessary information for those working in body shops themselves and the owners of body repair companies involved in Ford Taurus body repair.

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Ford Taurus 2016-2019 Body Workshop Manual

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Ford Taurus 2016-2019

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