Nissan Armada (TA60) 2004–2016 Body Repair Manual

Nissan Armada (TA60) 2004–2016 Body Repair Manual

The Body Repair Manual for Nissan Armada (TA60) 2004–2016 provides detailed information for repairing and restoring the body of the vehicle. It includes descriptions of replacement procedures, body dimensions, and control points for ensuring the proper alignment and geometry of the Nissan Armada's body.

The manual contains valuable information on body dimensions, control points, and cross-sectional images of body components. It also covers the materials used in the construction of the body, along with recommendations for the applicable types, methods, and materials for welding. Additionally, the manual provides guidance on the application of seam sealants, sound insulation materials, and anti-corrosion mastics in specific locations of the body.

For repair purposes, the manual specifies the areas and directions for cutting body components to facilitate the installation of new parts. It also includes information on the types of interior materials used in the Nissan Armada, their designations, and decoding.

The Nissan Armada (TA60) 2004–2016 Body Repair Manual is a comprehensive resource available in English. It offers a wealth of essential information for those involved in body repairs, enabling them to accurately assess and restore the body of the Nissan Armada according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

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Nissan Armada (TA60) 2004–2016 Body Repair Manual

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Nissan Armada (TA60) 2004–2016

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