Porsche Cayman (981) 2013-2017 Body Repair Manual

Porsche Cayman (981) 2013-2017 Body dimensions

Body dimensions for restoring the body geometry of Porsche Cayman (981) 2013-2017. With the help of this information, you can check the geometry of the damaged body, as well as carry out restoration work on the straightening of cars.

Information for the Porsche Cayman (981) 2013-2017 body geometric dimensions, control points, images of body elements, materials used, recommendations on applicable types, methods and materials for the welding points; places and materials for applying seam, soundproof and anti-corrosion sealants; points and directions for pre-cuts of body parts for the future installation of the new ones; types of interior materials, definitions and decoding

Porsche Cayman (981) 2013-2017 Body Repair Manual. This collection contains a huge amount of extremely useful and necessary information for those working in body shops themselves and the owners of body repair companies involved in Porsche Cayman 981 body repair

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Download vehicle dimensions Porsche Cayman (981) 2013-2017

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Porsche Cayman (981) 2013-2017 Body Repair Manual