Nissan Micra (March) K11 1993–2002 Body Repair Manual

Nissan Micra (March) K11 1993–2002 Body Repair Manual

The factory manual includes body dimensions and control measurements for the Nissan Micra 1993-2002, as well as descriptions for replacing various body components (K11). It provides body dimensions and control points for the geometry of the second-generation Nissan Micra. The manual can also be used for restoring the body of right-hand-drive Nissan March K11 vehicles.

The second-generation K11 was built and launched in Japan in early 1992, and released in Europe in the fourth quarter of the year. It was powered by brand new all-aluminium 1.0 L (CG10DE) and 1.3 L (CG13DE) DOHC 16-valve engines, with 55 PS DIN (40 kW/54 hp) and 75 PS (55 kW/75 bhp) respectively (higher outputs were claimed in Japan, according the JIS rather than DIN/ECE rating), both with ECCS (Electronic Concentrated Control System) fuel injection. A diesel version was offered with the 1.5 L PSA TUD market in Europe as Micra 1.5 D.

The provided information includes body dimensions, control points, sectional images of body elements, materials used, recommendations for applicable types, methods, and welding materials and locations. It also covers the locations and materials for applying seam sealants, soundproofing, and anticorrosion mastics. Furthermore, it provides guidance on the locations and cutting directions of body elements for subsequent installation of new ones, as well as interior material types, designations, and decoding.

The Body Repair Manual for the Nissan Micra & March (K11) 1993-2002, available in English, contains a vast amount of exceptionally useful and necessary information for individuals engaged in self-body repair and for owners of body repair businesses dealing with second-generation Nissan Micra vehicles.

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Nissan Micra (March) K11 1993–2002 Body Repair Manual

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Nissan Micra (March) K11 1993–2002

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