Nissan Note e-POWER (E12) 2016–2020 (RH Japanese market) Body dimensions

Nissan Note e-POWER (E12) 2016–2020 Body dimensions

Body dimensions for restoring the body geometry of Nissan Note e-POWER (E12) 2016–2020 vehicles are available in the factory documentation. These dimensions are crucial for conducting a thorough body geometry check and subsequent straightening of damaged parts for the second-generation Nissan Note with right-hand drive, specifically designed for the Japanese market.

The selected data from the factory documentation, provided in Japanese language, includes stand dimensions of the body and control points for the hybrid version of Nissan Note e-POWER with right-hand drive. These precise measurements allow for accurate assessment of the body geometry and ensure high-quality and reliable restoration work.

By utilizing this data, professionals can conduct a comprehensive body geometry check and, if necessary, carry out the straightening process for damaged parts of Nissan Note e-POWER (E12) vehicles. This process helps restore the original body geometry, ensuring safety and reliability for the vehicle.

The body dimensions provided in the factory documentation serve as a reliable source of information for bodywork and repair tasks on Nissan Note e-POWER (E12) 2016–2020 vehicles with right-hand drive in the Japanese market.

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Nissan Note e-POWER (E12) 2016–2020 (RH Japanese market) Body dimensions