Nissan Cube (Z12) 2008–2015 Body Repair Manual

Nissan Cube (Z12) 2008–2015 Body Repair Manual

The factory manual contains body control dimensions for the Nissan Cube 2008-2015 (Z12) in the Body Repair Manual. It provides detailed descriptions for replacing various body components, body dimensions, and control points for the third-generation Nissan Cube. The Nissan Cube is a subcompact minivan, and the third generation was introduced on November 19, 2008, at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Initially, sales began in Japan and the United States, followed by Europe.

The information in the manual includes control dimensions for the Nissan Cube (Z12) 2008-2015, control points, sectional images of body components, materials used, recommendations for applicable types, methods, welding materials, and locations. It also provides guidance on applying seam sealants, soundproofing materials, and anti-corrosion coatings. The manual specifies cutting locations and directions for body components to facilitate the installation of new parts. Additionally, it covers interior material types, their designation, and decoding.

The updated Nissan Cube features a more rounded and curved design compared to previous models. Notable design elements include the asymmetrical rear window that extends to the passenger side, oval-shaped windows for the driver and front passenger, and a vertically opening rear hatch that eases loading and unloading in tight urban spaces. The positioning of the hatch hinge differs based on the driving configuration, with right-hand-drive countries having the hinge on the right side and left-hand-drive markets having it on the left side.

The English-language Body Repair Manual for the Nissan Cube (Z12) 2008-2015 provides a wealth of essential and valuable information for individuals who engage in DIY body repairs and for body repair shops specializing in the third-generation Nissan Cube.

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Nissan Cube (Z12) 2008–2015 Body Repair Manual

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Nissan Cube (Z12) 2008–2015

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